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How to overcome the generalized anxiety disorder

When we see the world, so the first thing which comes to our mind is to achieve our goals which we dream since the time of our childhood. As I still remember the time, when I used to go to school, so I wanted to become a doctor, but not all dreams are meant to be fulfilled. Apart from this, in the advancement of the world, we have seen so many transformations like there was a time when things were not that much advanced specifically in terms of technology like today, and still, the interconnectivity of the world with the bridge of technology is getting us advance every single passing day. But are we all satisfied by having or achieving all the things and desires which we used to think?

Indeed no, like apart from the technology we all are somehow stuck at some point, like those who are having a 9 to 5 job are facing the tough workload or stress life, whereas, on the other hand, there are some people who are curious and having a stress cause of their family issues and all. These kinds of stress or instant tension normally known as the GENERAL ANXIETY DISORDER or GENERALISED ANXIETY DISORDER

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Why people face general anxiety disorder?

Specifically, there is not any clear definition of having the anxiety disorder as we all are having our own different perceptions and thoughts so same like this we all have our own different anxiety disorders. Like some feel or face the anxiety attacks when they are having their exams, some feel this when they are going for their first interview, some might feel this when they are worried about their professional career and so on but the thing is that how to control or cover up this deficiency when you are having this at public place? And how and when do you realize that you have an anxiety disorder?

Symptoms of generalised anxiety disorder

Getting worried is no doubt a common thing, but taking excessive stress means that you have a generalized anxiety disorder. Like if you are worried about your family, so this is a normal thing as we all love our family and especially at the time when you are far away from your home. So you undoubtedly start missing your family, or like feeling worried for them but apart from this if you are taking something more than this like thinking a lot about something and then start getting tense or spend your hours in stress, this means that you have a general anxiety disorder.

Except this, if you are also facing something like

  • Thinking too much on a daily basis
  • Start taking stress on every little act
  • Constantly feeling sick
  • Feeling lost or distract
  • Not feeling well/ getting irritated on little things or like feeling annoy
  • Difficult to get rid of the tensions
  • Start nail-biting or like getting confused on every new or sudden thing
  • Face hurdles on concentrating your work or task
  • Feeling restless, discomfort, sweating, headache
  • Feeling physical body or muscle pains
  • Facing difficulty during the time of sleeping/ can’t get enough sleep or like wake up suddenly/ frequently
  • Start thinking a lot about future like what if I am not getting enough money, how will I fulfill all the demands, what will I do after five years and so on and so forth

So if you are facing something like this, that means you have an anxiety disorder. To continue this, I don’t know how many of you guys are aware about this, but according to short and long term survey and research reports it has been noticed and cleared that because of this anxiety disorder people get severe depression and start having the panic attacks like this will, in the end, will lead the people nowhere. Like people start facing chronic diseases and then start taking anti-depression medicines. At the initial level, these types of medicines work effectively and keep your mind relax but then slowly and gradually at some point these medicines also stop to give you the relief results s you get used to it.

But the question is what the solution is? Like how can a person get rid of this general anxiety disorder?

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How to get rid of general anxiety disorder?

Well, there are so many approaches through which you can cover up or like control your this problem but as well all know that things take time same this case goes here, like you have to do the things on a daily basis, and then slowly and gradually you start feeling the change in your personality. So to make things reliable and feasible for you, I am going to share few normal and general daily basis tricks and techniques through which you can easily get yourself rid from this general anxiety disorder without having any medicines.

1. Take deep breathes

One of the easiest and quick approaches which you can do when you start feeling anxiety disorder, especially at a public place, is start taking deep breathe. Deep breathing helps you first to normalize your breathe like when you feel nervous you start feeling fast heartbeat as the key of anxiety is the feeling of nervousness so whenever you start feeling nervous, you must start taking deep breaths. Secondly, it also helps you to prevent from any dizziness, lightheadedness, frightening, and tingly hands and feet disorders.

2. Make sure you are connected with your dear ones

Another reliable approach which I highly suggest you all is to must make sure you are staying in touch with your dear ones. Like I have seen many cases in which people face the anxiety disorder just because they prefer to stay alone, not prefer to make friends, stay introverts, avoid to share their feelings or like prefer to bottle up their secrets which is totally wrong. Like this is one of the main and major reasons that lead a person towards depression, nervousness, anxiety, and panic attacks.

To overcome this, make sure that you have a good friend circle to whom you can rely on, trust, and share your matters mannerly, on the other hand, having a good sitting family time also helps you out to lessen your burden and make your stress level down. Plus, spending time with your dear ones is also helps you out and make your mind replenish and tension free.

So to make sure that you have someone to whom you can share your all matters as sharing is essential and actually cutting the root of general anxiety disorders.

3. Cut off all the caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine:

Next main reason that increases your stress level is taking or getting habitual of all these caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine. Like what most people do is they start taking alcohol, drugs, smoking, and other things that less their stress for the specific short period but then later on you again start feeling the same stress or tension. Plus, this also makes you addicted and destructs you mentally and physically slowly and gradually like a slow poison.

So make sure that you are not taking all these things on a regular/ daily basis.

4. Exercise or pursue your habit on daily basis

Another best alternative approach to control your anxiety disorder is to do exercise on a daily basis. Like no matter which exercises you love to do whether it is running, walking, going to the gym, swimming, and even does the exercise at your place it is perfectly fine and better enough to relax your mind.

That is why doctor and psychologist also suggest their patients to do walk or running on a daily basis as morning or evening fresh and cool breeze air helps to refresh your mind as well as also makes you fit physically.

Apart from this, you can also pursue your favorite habit like for example you love to dance then joining the dance classes also keeps you engage in something g else and automatically divert your mind and lower down your stress or anxiety level.

5. Take proper nap or sleep

Sleeping is a blessing, but sadly, there are very few who understands the importance of sleep. Like if you are taking a proper nap or 8 hours a night sleep, that means you are already cut down the stress and anxiety disorders in your life. No matter how much load or stress you are having in your life whether it is your workload, family issues, financial or any other matters make sure that you are getting enough sleep on the proper time. I am saying this because as if you aren’t taking a proper or enough sleep, that means you are not just getting yourself mentally tense but also make yourself physically sick. So make sure that you are having proper sleep timings as it is really important and one of the easiest natural approach to cut down your anxiety disorder.

Like as I said earlier that the things are advanced when it comes about the technology so for your sleeping disorder there are some designed alarms, rhythms, or lullaby’s which you can easily download in your mobile phones and then turn it on at your sleeping time as it helps to give you a peaceful and relaxing sleep.

6. Make sure that you are taking the right diet at right time

Another thing which you have to realize that are you having the right diet? Like what mostly happens that when you feel stress or in tension, so you start to feel hungry often and during that time as you are not consciously well, so 80 percent of the people eat junk food instead of pursuing the right diet. So the first thing is to make sure that you are taking the right diet like eating fresh fruits and healthy vegetables, and then the second thing is to make sure that your eating timings are right. Like, try to avoid eating in odd timings, make sure to eat on proper three times and set your diet plan according to it.

Another reason behind this is that during the time of stress or tension like anxiety and all, people are facing the low blood pressure and start feeling irritating and all that is why to overcome this make sure you are getting the healthy diet.

7. Adopt behavioral strategies

This is the ideal approach for those who are facing the anxiety level at the very excessive stage, so for them, the best way is to adopt the behavioral strategies like attending the therapy sessions helps them a lot through which they can learn to control, monitor, and tackle their anxiety disorders mannerly. Because sometimes, education is essential as it helps you aware and guide you the right path to overcome your disorder.

8. Try to find out the solutions instead of stress

Rest the last but not the least approach is always to try to think positively. Never ever allow your mind to think negatively and for this what you have to do is to train your mind to think positively like no matter how hard, tough, or depress the situation is, make sure that you always think positively. Secondly, always try to focus on the solution instead of taking the stress, so through this, you not just train your mind to think positively but also stay away from the general anxiety disorders.



Hope that after reading the above-mentioned approaches, you can easily control your anxiety disorder and lead a happy, normal, and sustainable life. Rest for anti-anxiety medicines, so Buspirone, Antidepressants, and Benzodiazepines are best to control your general anxiety disorder. But still, as I told you that these medicines would help you out at certain level so instead of getting yourself habitual try to pick the natural approaches that don’t effect on your health and gives you benefits instead of side-effects.

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