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How to control panic attacks or panic disorders

Well, we all have something in our life that makes us feel something fearful or danger. It might be our weakness, figment of our mind, or anything else. Like I still remember when I was a kid, so I felt scared at night like I used to turn on my lights during the time of sleeping, so this is something which we called fear. But in this case, we have an ability to at least rescue or overcome ourselves like to lessen down the fear from our mind. But there are few situations that are severe than this, and that types of conditions are known as by the name of panic attacks.

I don’t know how many of you guys are facing this panic attacks/ disorders, but in this article, I try to cover up few points and address this through which you guys get aware that how to overcome this by your own –self. So without wasting any moment, let’s get the ball rolling and unveil the things and facts about the panic attacks together.

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What are panic attacks or panic disorders?

Panic attacks are those attacks that come about out in the blue like a minute before you feel fine and then suddenly a minute later, you start to feel something exhausting and terrifying. In other words, these types of attacks are also known as the unexpected attacks as they come up without any asking at any time and anywhere, but apart from this, those who are gradually facing these attacks are aware about its symptoms like they start to feel

  • Sweating
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Lightheadedness
  • Hot and cold flashes
  • A sudden chest pain
  • Something likes the shortness of breath
  • A fear of dying
  • Choking
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Numbness
  • Tingling/ paresthesia
  • Heat sensations
  • Shaking or trembling
  • Dizziness and faintness
  • Pondering heart or palpitations
  • Impending doom
  • Fear of loss
  • Unreality feelings or you can say, detachment
  • A sense of chills and sometimes even
  • Abdominal pain

So it effects in both physical and psychological ways, and that’s why a person starts to feel the fear and going crazy or feeling to lose its control.

Why is it happen or occur?

Well, the answer of this question is still unclear. Like for some people it’s like a family gift which is going on and on from the ancestors, rest on the other hand, some people start to face it when they had some serious shocked or had faced or seen something very harsh in their lives, like to losing someone, divorce, death, and anything else that affected them so much and then in result, they started to face these types of panic attacks because when they see anything related to their past incident then suddenly that act makes them realize or remind about that incident which they faced.

But this is not the end; there are also some other facts like medically there are also some different situations. So to trigger those symptoms, I am going to jot down a shortlist so if anyone of you facing this type of issue then you need t concern your doctor at initial stage instead of having or facing a series of panic attacks it’s better to prevent yourself at the early or initial stage.

Some medical causes, of panic attacks and disorders:

  • A mitral valve prolapse this means a minor cardiac problem. So if anyone of you is having hearts valves issue, then you need to concern your doctor as most of the times because of this, patients feel or face panic attacks.
  • Second is the Hyperthyroidism, which means an overactive thyroid gland. So if anyone of you is having this issue, then you might have chances to face the panic attacks, but same as I said above to concern your doctor is one of the major things that you need to do without any asking.
  • Next is the Hypoglycemia which means a low blood pressure so those who are facing the low blood pressures then you have to mentally prepare about the panic attacks so for the sake of initial prevention make sure that you have discussed or asked this to your doctor
  • Another medical cause is the Stimulant use like if anyone of you is suffering any cocaine, caffeine, or amphetamines, then you might have chances to get the panic attacks.
  • And then last but not the least cause that sometimes turns into the panic disorders/ attacks is the medication withdrawal. Like most of the time, due to the opposite reaction of medication or like those who take a lot of medicines without any asking face this panic attacks.

That is why it is always necessary to ask your doctor before going to rake any medicine, especially antibiotics as these also have some worse reaction if you take it wrongly.

But what are the solutions to overcome or get rid of this? Like what you have to do for your own self when you are suddenly getting panic attacks. So to consider this, I am sharing a few tricks and techniques through which you can control and self help your-self during the time of panic attacks.

Solutions through which you can control your pain attacks

  • Aware about the anxiety and panic

    The first thing is that you need to learn a few things like you have to be aware about some medical tricks and techniques. Like many of us feel the issue of anxiety so, if you know the trick to control this hurdle then at the initial level you cut down the issue of panic attacks but if you don’t know how to control this then slowly and gradually you are allowing panic attacks to hit you.

    So the first thing is to learn about the panic and anxiety that what are ways to overcome this or like what are the things which you have to do when you feel anxiety or stress. Once you know the trick, then start to work on it and try to overcome this hurdle.

  • Try not to get addicted of alcohol, smoking, and caffeine

    I don’t know how many of you guys know this but according to the research and many surveys it has been proved that those who are smoking a lot or like habitual of alcohol and any other caffeine so in the result of this they all face the panic attacks as these all things provoke panic attacks and disorders. So make sure that you are not getting yourself habitual about these things and try to stay away from all these things.

  • Know and aware yourself with the breathe tricks through which you can control your attacks

    Like, in these cases, most people aren’t aware about the breathe controlling like they don’t know how to take or control breathing. Like, let’s suppose you are in a public place and then suddenly you are facing the tightness in your chest or like lightheadedness, so these are the symptoms of panic attacks so before this start taking a deep breath and slowly try to calm yourself as this helps you to control your panic attacks.

  • Learn new techniques

    I recommend you to do meditation on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter whether you have panic disorders or not it is an ideal way to relax yourself physically and mentally. Plus, those who are facing or having panic disorders can easily control their panic attacks by ding this on a daily basis. Like you can do yoga on daily basis, and other relaxation techniques and practices that make you feel light or gives you a replenish feeling.

  • Stay connected with your dear ones

    The main reason of panic attacks is anxiety, and it happens when you actually live isolated, or as an introvert, so one of the ideal ways is to stay connected with your dear ones whether it is your family, friends and the ones who understand you most. Try to build strong friendships and relations so through this you can stay connected and talk face to face which is really very important as it reduces your anxiety, depression, stress, and tension level and makes you feel light.

    Loneliness is good, but the consistency of this is not good as it will lead you from nowhere, in the end, so make sure you are enough friends and have a strong connection with your family and dear ones.

  • Try to exercise on daily basis

    Another reliable approach that is super easy is to exercise on a daily basis. Like exercise has undoubtedly so many benefits. Like, it makes you fit and smart, plus, it also helps you to stay away from any tension or anxiety. Make sure that you spend at least 30 minutes for exercise daily no matter which type of exercise you pick whether it is swimming, walking, running, aerobics or even a general home-based exercise but try to start your day with early morning exercise.

    By doing this regularly means you will see the change in your attacks within a month. To control your attacks you can even adopt any of your favorite hobbies, like if your hobby is dancing ten enroll yourself in dancing classes as the main concern is to divert your mind from stress and anxiety no matter which exercise or which thing you love or prefer to do.

  • Take proper sleep

    Another natural or help yourself approach which you can pick to control your attacks is to take enough sleep. Make sure you are taking proper 8 hours sleep it is necessary as most of the times due to the stress people can’t be able to get enough sleep and then slowly and gradually they are moving towards the attacks and other mental disorders.

    So I recommend you guys to please proper tale sleep, especially at night as night sleep is very important for your health and mental state as well.

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Medications for panic disorders or panic attacks

Apart from the natural and own sake help, there are also other alternatives through which you can control your panic attacks, and among the series of them, medication is one of the top-most approaches which majority of the people avail and pick. But I still recommend and suggest that never ever rely on medications. Even if you are picking this medication approach for the sake of controlling your panic attacks then still make sure that you are also doing additional therapy, changing your lifestyle, and even doing a little bit of exercise as it gives you quick results and improvements.

Coming back to the point for panic orders, there are two most common medications.

  • The antidepressants

    Ok so this takes a long time, in other words, it takes several weeks to work, so you have to take it continuously without any break. Like if you are thinking to take it only during the time of your panic attacks, so you are wrong. This medication means to take it on a daily basis.

  • The benzodiazepines

    This is one of the active and fast recovery deals. Like it works within an hour so if someone of you are having the panic attacks disorder so you can take this and within an hour you will get relief. But like every medication has its disadvantages as well, same goes here, this medicine is highly addictive no doubt is one of the best anti-anxiety and panic attack reliever but still taking it continuously will lead you towards the withdrawal so make sure you are not taking it continuously.



After the above-mentioned detail tricks, at last, hope that after reading this article, you will get enough awareness through which you can control your panic attacks. Rest, I still suggest you to must prefer natural ways instead of picking any medication or antibiotics as every medicine have its own side effects as well. Taking medicine is not bad, but taking it persistently is a cautious deal.

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